First Electronic Music NFTs on ThetaDrop

The Mysteria

Afterparty Live Broadcast

Watch the afterparty, listen to the music, feel the beats, and immerse yourself in the mystical musical atmosphere created on ThetaDrop on the THETA blockchain.

First Electronic Music Drop on

Share Ownership of Music Tracks
(Attribution-ShareAlike | BY-SA extended license)
Private Access to All Synopsis Afterparties
Live access and previous afterparty archive
Access to All Private Events by Synopsis and Coindar
Listening and Downloading of Sets Played at the Afterparty
Seasonal Playlist Recommendations
by Synopsis
Signature NFT
Signed by the musician, video cover creator, landing page designer, and Synopsis team members
ThetaPass Integration
Access to the landing page where NFT owners can listen to full versions of music tracks, view cover videos and afterparties, download music and NFT videos, participate in the challenge, and get all the benefits a music NFT can bring
Get Access to the Synopsis Private Club Chat
Get Other Surprises


Buy THE MYSTERIA NFT on ThetaDrop to discover how full music tracks become their owners. Feel the beat and depth of the mysterious and fascinating atmosphere created for you — THE MYSTERIA by Synopsis and ThetaDrop.
Follow the line on the left, collect 4 cards to open the secret card.
Follow the line on the right, collect 4 cards to open the secret card.

DJ Video Sets

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